Sell-side Services

Zen Advisory Partners (ZenAP) primarily represents sellers with revenues between $1M to $20M in the Information Technology & Software industries.  We work with the top buyers of companies in these industries, which include strategic/corporate buyers (private and public firms), financial (private equity groups), individuals and small partnerships.

Zen Advisory Partners will:

  • Prepare your business for sale
  • Professionally and confidentially market your business
  • Assist in all aspects of the transaction through the closing process

We also offer the following services:

  • Business Enhancement Programs
  • Buyer Search Agreements
  • Financing/Funding Consulting and Assistance

Many private company owners have much or virtually all of their wealth concentrated in their single private company investment. Yet, many don't realize that the odds are against business owners selling their companies.

Only 5 to 7% of companies actually get sold.
— U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Merger and Acquisition (M&A) advisors will disqualify roughly 65% to 75% of prospective sellers, and according to a U.S. Chamber of Commerce study, only 20% of businesses for sale will successfully transfer to another owner. 

At Zen Advisory Partners,  each client engagement is structured to create a win/win situation.  Before going to market, a careful analysis of the business is made and the results reported back to you so that you can weigh the options and select the scenario that works best for your exit strategy.  Some of the potential options include:  go to market now,  delay for a short period of time to make quick fixes, or join our business enhancement program which will enable you to build value in your business over the next 2-3 years. Let’s face it, not every company is "buyer ready" today.  In fact,  for many of you the hard questions we ask during the evaluation phase will likely reveal some areas that you need to improve on to enhance your company's value & marketability.   We offer services to enhance your business value in the following areas:

    * Financial reporting, forecasting, controller functions, etc.
    * Business development
    * CRM solutions & pipeline management
    * Marketing & inbound lead generation
    * Product development,  roadmaps, etc.

Once your company is ready to be marketed, we will run a process with the goal of attracting multiple buyers who will bid on your business resulting in the best terms and pricing available for your company.  Everything will be kept confidential and only vetted, qualified buyers who sign an NDA will be allowed to bid on your company.


Capital and Financial Structuring Advice

Every business is born from its founder’s entrepreneurial vision, energy and life savings. On its journey, a business encounters capital needs that may include:
   •    Funding organic growth
   •    Financing an acquisition
   •    Refinancing its capital structure
   •    Funding a turnaround plan
   •    Providing partial liquidity to its owners

We work closely with clients to model the capital structure that addresses their risk profile, growth expectations and current financial profile and deliver advice on financing options to maximize valuations, terms and certainty of closing.  Our principals have experience providing advice on:
   •    Senior debt
   •    Structured junior and mezzanine debt
   •    Structured equity